Board meeting 2017-05-11

2017, Minutes

Board Meeting

Held by teleconference on 11 May at 7.30pm.


  • Rob Nickerson
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Brian Prangle
Agreed Brian to chair.


  • Greg Marler
  • Jon Harley

1. Minutes

Accepted Board Meeting minutes 2017-04-20 as true record.

2. Matters Arising

  • Bank Account: Rob had completed ID checks and sent to Jon
  • OSMF Application: OSMF Board had discussed this week and there were a few comments to address such as membership, comms and UK coverage, which Paul Norman will send to us for a response.  Greg to investigate membership list to see if any members are from Scotland. Rob to respond accordingly. Good to have Frederick Ramm’s positive comments.
  • Standing Orders: minor editing to align to AoA approved
  • Domain: now the domain name has been agreed, email addresses for directors urgently required. Rejected gmail for business as costs too high. Rob will check what costs are involved from mappamercia website. Rob to check if WebFaction (current server) does email and then contact Stu Lester. Email solution has to be web-based and require no app download
  • Website: Functional spec and sitemap reviewed and whilst no decisions reached, agreed to use them as a basis to proceed. Agreed to start building the site in WordPress(even if we have to change paltform later) and start generating content. Brian to provide some drafts for review. Greg to draft a page layout design
  • Logo: Adam to produce final logo based on the drafts resubmitted from the original design, ensuring red and blue colours are present behind the text United Kingdom”
  • Welsh/UK rendering: Nick Whitelegg has started on the UK render by asking for volunteers to assist; Jerry Clough looks likely to take up the Welsh render but can’t commit any time just yet. Costs for the tile server are likley to be up to £60 per month. We have an indication of £35 for a dev server but with no user load. Sizing really depends on how requently we need to perform a re-render. Rob and Brian to pursue contacts for a free/cheaper deal
  • Case Studies: these are accumulating nicely; Brian to commence contacting people who submitted them for background info, probably around a standard set of questions
  • Apps: Adam has spoken to Kort team and has joined the osm dev list to generate collaborators. Adam to produce an outline plan of steps required

3. Membership Report


4. Financial Report


5. Budget

We need to start preparing a budget, bearing in mind 80 members at £5 per year generates a revenue of £400 and the tileserver budget  has already exceeded thaat
Items so far identified:
  • Tile server £500
  • Companies House registration fee £40 (re-imburse Brian)
  • Apple Store registration for proposed app £70
  • Paypal/Credit Card commission on membership sign up £10
Total £630
From this we can set a minimum target for organisation members
Brian to contact Frederick to discover what deductions OSMF will make from the Birmingham City Council consutancy fee of £1500 earmarked for OSMUK.

6. Media Report

Newsletter had been mailed to members.

7. Highways England

Meeting scheduled for the next day (Brian attending). Some of the data we requested is already available (alternative diversion routes and the base network) but not necessarily up to date, and data fields not readily understandable and possibly problems with Ordnance Survey data licensing despite the OGL licence.

8. PRoW updates

Robert Whitkerr has suggested that OSMUK should be a statutory recipient of ProW amendments for England& Wales. Agreed we would pick this up, but we need to involve more stakeholders  with  expertise (possibly contact those already on the list as a recipient) as we have little experience of this. Agreed Brian to pick this up in conjunction with Robert.

9. Any Other Business

Potential UK import of Shell filling stations proposed on import mailing list but no announcement yet on talkGB. Brian to contact proposer suggesting such a discussion is in order.

Meeting ended +1 hr 23 minutes.