Corporate membership

OpenStreetMap UK CIC is delighted to be able to invite organisations to support our aims by becoming associate members.

What are our aims?
  • Our website lays them out visually: it’s about supporting and growing the community of OpenStreetMap in the UK, both volunteers and businesses.
  • We need a strong vibrant community in order to improve the quality and coverage of our data which is increasingly relied on by many businesses and organisations for online services.
What do you get?
  • If you consume OSM data then you are contributing to the improvement of the quality and coverage of our data and consequently improving the reputation of your service.
  • Global coverage: OSMUK CIC Ltd is the local chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, responsible for supporting the project globally.
  • Listing on our website with space for your organisation profile.
  • OSMUK logo display on your organisation promotional material.
  • Increase your social responsibility profile.
  • Regular updates about developments and the work of our community.
  • Participate in shaping our direction.
  • Fast track access to advice on skills improvement and data entry/consumption.
  • Being a member is not expensive and there are lots of opportunities to increase your knowledge, share experiences and get involved.
What do you have to do?
  • The annual fee is £50 for SMEs and not-for-profits. For organisations with annual turnovers >£5m, the annual fee is £500.
  • Please e-mail, and we can get the registration sorted.
  • Payment will be online through Paypal, or a bank transfer with invoice supplied by our treasurer, please indicate which is your preference.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member. To get started please email