Rent a mapping camera

Cameras are a great way to collect photos to help add data to OpenStreetMap. To save you the expense of buying one to try it out, we have a 360 degree handheld camera and a dashcam camera available to rent. To benefit from this deal you must be an OSM UK member and, due to postage limitations, live in the UK, Isle of Man, or Channel Islands.

LG 360 handheld camera

Gregory demonstrates the LG 360 camera

An image from Gregory walking over Framwellgate Bridge, Durham

A handheld camera with a lens on each side – the LG 360 camera captures images of the full scene around you whilst you walk (example image). It’s a great way to capture a detailed scene with lots of features, such as urban environments or a hiking route where lots of paths converge.

Rental is 5 weeks for £11.10. The charge consists of delivery and return delivery (£6.90) and fee (£4.20) that goes towards covering the cost of this scheme.

A monopole and memory card are included with the camera; all you need is a smartphone. To upload your photos to a service such as Mapillary (for later use in OpenStreetMap) you will need a computer.

This camera is for handheld use only. No mounting to vehicles. To protect the camera, do not use it during rain/precipitation, in temperatures below 0°C or above 35°C, or during high wind.

Instructions (PDF; ODT) are included to guide you through the process.

Waylens Horizon dashcam camera
Waylens Horizon camera, courtesy of Telenav.
An image from Jez driving down Brighton seafront.

This camera attaches to your car windscreen to capture images of the road ahead. The built in GPS adds location data, and the camera pauses when you stop at a red light. Telenav have specially adapted this camera to automatically upload images to OpenStreetCam when it is connected to Wi-Fi.

Rental is 5 weeks for £27 which includes tracked delivery, return delivery, and a small fee to support this scheme and the work of OSM UK.

Everything you need is included in the box..except Wi-Fi (the faster the upload speed the better) and a vehicle to mount it to! Photos are uploaded to OpenStreetCam under the osmuk-waylens username.

Instructions (PDF) provided by Telenav and extra hints & tips (wiki) from the equivalent rental scheme in USA. Our camera is pre-set up with the osmuk-waylens username so you can capture photos straight away. Then to upload them:

  • Turn on the camera with the small power button on top
  • Swipe your finger from the bottom of the viewfinder screen upwards to bring up the menu
  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Tap Status. The camera will scan for networks.
  • Occasionally the first scan fails. If this happens, just tap Status again and it should work the second time
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password
  • a countdown displays whilst images are automatically selected and uploaded (you might want to do this overnight as it can take a while)
  • on a long journey you can stop and restart recording to split into manageable sections: swipe down to access the recording control screen, tap the stop button and then tap the record button to start a new track
Arrange a rental

To arrange a rental, review the calendar below for a suitable period and contact with the date and your OSM UK membership details (name and address). Once confirmed you will be directed to the payment site.

General terms of rental

  • For Members use only. For OSM activities only.
  • The cost of return delivery is included in the rental fee.
  • On receipt please check that you have all the parts (as per the itemised list in the box / on the instructions).
  • In the event of loss or damage we request that you contribute a minimum of £50 with more on a voluntary basis.
  • Late returns will incur a fee of £6, increasing by an additional £6 per week (they also cause an inconvenience for the next hirer).