Board meeting 2017-03-14

2017, Minutes

Board Meeting

Held by teleconference on 14 March 2017 at 7pm.


Gregory Marler
Rob Nickerson
Jonathan Harley
Adam Hoyle
Brian Prangle

1. Agree chairman for the meeting

Brian to chair.

2. Matters Arising from first General Meeting 22 February 2017

2.1 Bank Account

Rob: still doing the form, got some questions. Expected to put it in by end of the week.
Brian: will probably need a Paypal account after that, for online membership to be accepted.
  • Agreed to do that when possible.

2.2 OSMF affiliation

Brian has sent all documents to OSMF. Now down to Paul Norman and the chapters WG lead.
Next steps: Board review, Community review, then decision made.
Brian: I’m the main contact with OSMF, suggested Rob takes over that role.
Rob: accepted.

3. Board organisation

3.1 Identify and apportion key roles: 

Membership: Gregory
Treasurer: Jonathan. Will also be main bank contact.
Chairman(do we need one?): Not needed/desired (other than for meetings).
Companies House duties: Needed? 
  • Jonathan: we will need to file our annual return, and changes to add/remove directors. Not a major task, and happy to take on. Should always have 2 directors able to change.
  • Jonathan to be main role. Rob to be alternative contact/login.
Secretary(agendas/minutes): Gregory Marler
  • Jonathan: doesn’t need to be a director. Someone able to answer the phone etc.
  • Brian: I’m happy to do that, would be good as a Media Working Group.
Others… outreach
  • Again, through a working group?
  • Discussion about trying to categorise tasks, or keep focused on tasks.
Others… technical, website
  • Jonathan: offered to do the hosting, need to discuss what it’s for.

3.2 Frequency of meetings

  • Brian: suggesting monthly.
  • To sort out offline what night works best.

3.3 Standing Orders

  • Discussed a lot when we were looking at writing our articles of association
  • Brian happy to look at forming a similar one for us.

3.4 Adoption of Working Groups model with Director lead per WG. Which ones do we need immediately?

Seem to be agreeing on this.
Gregory: clarification that the director isn’t always the WG(working group) lead, but is the board link and has responsibility (taking a lead if needed)
Gregory: suggestion that we take it to Loomio for open question of what ones to start and who to involvee
Brian: people want directors to lead, so we should say we need help starting certain ones 
Discussion on definitely will need a Comms/Media(inc website editorial), and maybe a technical one(system, uptime, other sites etc).
Rob: some WGs will be for resilience of the CIC, others will be formed for tasks that we want done and they may come and go as needed.
Brian: so 2 suggestions, the rest to go to Loomio for suggestions

4. Website and Domains

Rob: do we stick to or move to openstreetmap, or, etc?
Adam: who is for and for? There’s people look for the map and there’s people looking for the organisation.
  • Our audience is probably both.
  • Jonathan: As the aim is to be the UK face of OSM and UK branch of OSM Foundation, I think we should present as openstreetmap. Subtly different brand but not too different.
Rob: Google searches, “OSM UK” is going to be easier to be present on “OpenStreetMap UK”
Brian: I don’t think they’d be looking for a map, because will do that. They want something that’s specific to the UK and not big planet-wide.
Jonathan: suggestion on Loomio, I like the idea of map.(whatever domain), where as landing page would be about us. In contrast to
Adam: I’m leaning to osmuk
(Gregory also leaning that way)
Jonathan: we could ask on Loomio which to go for
Brian: better would be to take a lead, present our idea and reasons, but ask for views before making it firm.
Brian: need to make a decision quickly, so we can setup email addresses etc
Need someone to summate this into a Loomio thread.
Rob to do that.
Brian: Any progress on structuring the content of the website?
Adam: What? Marketing, the map. 
Rob: About page, page for data users, data contributors, about the community.
Jonathan: Need to start graphing a site map. Stuff will come out of the aims of what we’re doing.
Gregory: also organisational stuff like meeting minutes that will be further away in the site map from the case studies etc.
Brian: also “whats happening in the UK this month” but longer-life pages like “how-to”s or “best practice” pages.
Adam/Jonathan: discussion about the OSM wiki versus lots of content on our website. Inter-linking between them.
Gregory to try starting a sitemap, and working from there. Then a Loomio thread to find out what is missing.
Discussion on having Facebook, and other platforms e.g. Linked In. Will possibly need someone to take lead on some of them.
WordPress versus Concrete5… awaiting understanding of what the website will do. That will come out of the sitemap.

5. Activity Planning from 4 March Meeting

5.1 Choose a logo

Discussion from in-person meeting was to try and adjust the stylised “Elio” logo based on comments. Rob to do that, with link to the original person.
Then to announce and ask people are fine?
We’ve had the competition/discussion, we’ll decide and then present that as made.

5.2 Encourage other members not present on the day to vote on priorities to gain a wider consensus

We haven’t communicated well the hackpad document to the wider membership.
Brian has started on making it into something digestible.
Gregory wrote a blog (not the list of activities, but a story of the in-person event)

5.3 Agree a general approach of Directors choosing to lead no more than two activities from those attracting the top votes (currently listed below), and throwing the rest open to any member interested in leading

Welsh/UK rendering (6 votes) – 
  • Nick Whitelegg is focusing on this (UK), probably good to leave him to it and trust him. (with Adam as a link)
  • Welsh one, maybe good to go to Jerry for this and ask him to lead getting something done. More outreach-focused.
Notes photo app (5 votes) – Jonathan/Adam keen on focusing. 
  • Also Loomio talk on a walking app. But good to focus on one app, so our marketing/press resources can be focused.
Case studies (5 votes) – Brian, and Gregory.
Gamification (5 votes)
  • What was it? Conflict with the app, or lots of things together?
  • Doesn’t necessarily mean an app. Could be about results of mapping and what people have done. Funniest photo found, being involved in quarterly projects, etc. 
  • Rob to look into and lead.
  • Might be one to get lots of ideas on from creative people.
Outreach (3)
Consistency (3)
Top 10 data (3)
Other mapper tools (2)
Training pack (2)
Having media point of contact (2)
Developing our org network (2)
Developing merge & import tools & update (2)
Surveys (1)
Onboarding process (1)
Landing page (1)
Contact details of OSM community (1)
OSM web banners (1)
A director on each of them.

6. Any Other Business

Rob: Director communication outside these meetings. Could push this to Loomio (current or private)
Will need to have a private channel, although most things will be on Loomio with the members.
Stick with e-mail for now.  Have a private Loomio for the board.
Best time for meetings? Discussion made.
Meeting ended +85 minutes.