OpenStreetMap United Kingdom C.I.C has five Directors. The Directors are responsible for the administration of the company and financing projects. They do however need your help in delivering projects, generating ideas and deciding priorities. To get involved, please join our Loomio group and consider becoming a member.

Read about our Directors:

Adam Hoyle
Adam moved out of London to Buckinghamshire in 2008. He was walking in the woods with his family and using a popular walking map got completely lost, as only a handful of the paths were on the map. He’d heard of Open Street Map a few years earlier, and after discovering neither his house or his road were on the map he added them, and then continued to add nearly all of the local footpaths and bridleways in the Chilterns between Wendover / Aylesbury / High Wycombe. When he’s not walking or running the hills, Adam works as an award winning technology consultant and entrepreneur.

Brian Prangle
The West Midlands is where Brian Prangle does most of his mapping, by cycle and foot, using his pensioner travel pass to get to far flung places. Before retirement his working life took him from academic training, to animal science, to University administration and finally to 1.5 decades in IT. Brian has helped establish mappa-mercia (the West Midlands OSM group), was key in bringing ‘State of the Map 2013’ to Birmingham and has promoted OpenStreetMap locally with the Smart Cities Alliance, Birmingham City Council, Amey, Transport for West Midlands, Birmingham City University, Innovation Birmingham and the West Midlands ODI node! As a veteran OSM mapper, Brian is still as enthusiastic as he was when he made his first edit in June 2007. He’s particularly interested in public art, memorials and heritage buildings.

Gregory Marler
Being involved from the early days, an OSMF member, a regular at ‘State of the Map’ conferences, not to mention the addiction to contributing to OpenStreetMap, and non-stop talking about it, Gregory Marler is clearly passionate about our open maps. You might spot his edits in North East England, Cornwall, and South West London. He’s physically visited 10 of the over 30 countries that he’s helped map. During office hours Gregory is a web developer for a small a collection of price-comparison websites.

Jon Harley
Jonathan Harley has been a contributor to OSM since 2008 and a supporter of the open-source movement since the 1980s. He has worked as a web software consultant and as the CEO of a map software start-up company. He loves travel (having visited about 30 countries so far), and has attended many ‘State of the Map’ conferences since Limerick 2008, helping to organise Birmingham 2013. He is a member of the British Cartographic Society and answers a lot of questions about cartography, maps and map software on Quora.

Rob Nickerson
Rob Nickerson joined OpenStreetMap when he realised it was a perfect way to combine his passions of rambling and tech, two words that equally describe his time within OSM. He has meandered from mapping (with paper, GPS, camera, laptop, dictaphone and mobile phone), to writing documentation, to developing new tagging schemes, to website design and even a tiny bit of software development. When it came to running the scholarship program for the 2016 and 2017 ‘State of the Map’ conferences however, his focus (and many late nights) helped ensure that over 30 scholars from all over the world could share their love of OpenStreetMap on the global stage.