General meeting 2017-02-22

2017, Minutes

This marked the first formal meeting of the OpenStreetMap United Kingdom C.I.C.


The first AGM of OSM UK CIC.
8:00pm, 22nd February 2017
Held non-geographically on the Wikimedia UK Conference Call facility
Loomio thread:


Brian Prangle (chair) (M)
Gregory Marler (minutes) (M)
Rob Nickerson (M)
Dudley Ibbett (M)
Andy Mabbett (M)
Andy Robinson (M)
Dan Stowell (M)
Adam Hoyle (M)
Andrew Hain (managing proxy votes)(M)
Sharon Escoabr (M)
Proxy Votes Received
Caroline Nomard (M)
Chris Foote (M)
Thomas Hughes (M)


Rob Whittaker
Philip Barnes


To identify and agree the attendance of any non-members present.
Thanks to everyone, 15 months since Rob first proposed the question of a group.


To accept the resignations of all the founding Directors (Rob Nickerson, Adam Hoyle, Brian Prangle, Gregory Marler and Robert Whitakker) and thank them for their services.

Motion: Accepted with no objections

To appoint as new Directors Brian Prangle, Jonathan Harley, Gregory Marler, Rob Nickerson, and Adam Hoyle, these being the only nominations received.

Motion: Accepted with no objections
Welcome made to new director Jonathan.

Resolution 1:

The Financial Year of the Company shall commence on April 1st and run until March 31st

Resolution: Adopted with no objections

Resolution 2:

To establish the “Cooperative Bank Social Enterprise Directplus Account” as the main bank account of the Company subject to all Directors meeting the criteria and appropriate due diligence.

Mention made of the recent news that Co-op is up for sale.
Resolution: Adopted with no objections

Resolution 3:

As permitted by Article 6.6, the Company affiliates to the OpenStreetMap Foundation as a local chapter.

Resolution: Adopted with no objections

Resolution 4:

Membership fees are set until further notice as:
1. Members £5 per annum
2. Associate members:
2.1 SMEs (annual turnover< £5m) together with public bodies, charities and other not-for-profit organisations £50 per annum.
2.2 Corporate for-profit organisations (annual turnover>£5m) £500 per annum.
To take effect once a payment system has been established.

Resolution: Adopted with no objections

Any Other Business (AOB)

(any decisions are non-binding)
Andy Robinson: I would like to show my appreciation for all the work to get to this point.
Rob Nickerson: A reminder about the Loomio discussion group, where all resolutions had been discussed previously and thus aided a smooth meeting. Secondly, a reminder about the meeting on the 4th March (see link below for the details and the opportunities it brings).
Brian Prangle: A thank you to Wikimedia UK for providing their conference call facilities for this meeting.

AOB: Loomio

Discussion made about how people have found Loomio. General comments are positive.
Comments made about talking to people who haven’t been so involved in using it so far.

Next Event

In-person Meeting on 4th March, see
No planned agenda, can arrive and leave when you like between 11am and 4pm.
Not a General Meeting – this is an informal meeting only.

Meeting Closed

The meeting finished and was closed at 8:18pm.