Board Meeting 2020-10-05

2020, Minutes

Attendees: Jez, Adam, CJ, Gareth, Rob (19:30-20:00)
Apologies: Brian, Rob from 8pm
Chair: Adam
Minutes: Gareth

Local Chapters working group:

Rob is doing 3 roles. Who can take over some of these:

  • Designated point of contact between OSMF and the UK local chapter
  • Nominated member on foundation advisory board
  • Local chapters and communities working group. on/off attending.

Rob is happy to continue with latter 2 items. First role should be handed over to a continuing director. This will be done after the AGM.

Finance update:

Brian has provided the accounts. Rob has published these on the website under company documents. The CIC34 document has been written and reviewed but needs publishing for circulation ahead of the AGM.

Membership update:

It has been reported that the ‘renew membership’ email isn’t providing a link to a useful destination. It takes you to the new user sign up page. Adam will investigate.

Enquiries & contacts to/from board members:

Rob has reached out to speak with pixel8earth who make 3d rendered maps using photogrammetry and other sources. A positive initial response and Rob will see what can be gained for the community. Rob will also connect them with Trekview.

Rob also contacted Harsh at Microsoft regarding the improved Bing aerial imagery now available for the UK as it appears that at least some of it (e.g. Coventry) is the same as the GetMapping imagery we attempted to source in 2019. Harsh confirmed that this appears to be a coincidence as the Bing imagery comes from an alternative source. It must simply be that some overlap results from companies procuring imagery from the same surveying company.

Adam is still following the Ramblers ‘don’t lose your way’ campaign. Nick Whitelegg (of fame) is active in this conversation.

AGM 2020:
  • There are 3 main tasks for the AGM to be done.
  • Gareth will send a chaser e-mail with links to the accounts and cic34 document, reminder of the event and publicise the presentation by Rebecca Firth from HOTOSM which will follow the AGM.
  • Rob is managing the agenda and the flow of the AGM.
  • Jez will collate the membership fees increase justification/statement for clarification ahead of the vote as this has been discussed at length in a few places.
UK Quarterly project Q3/Q4:

The Q3 project is essentially over and Gareth will produce a wrap up post detailing the progress made. The Q4 project topic has had 8 suggestions on Loomio. A vote has been opened to indicate which have the popular vote for ‘What suggestions make a successful Q4 project?’. It will close on Thursday 8th October at 18:00.

taginfo-to-gsheets npm:

Adam has been doing a lot of work on this. Gareth has been testing it and subsequent bugs have been fixed. There are a few minor snags remaining which will be documented or enhanced, e.g. it is currently hardcoded to only look at the GB taginfo api.
It will hopefully be utilised for the Q4 project once that is announced.

Presenting to OSMF:

We were asked to present to OSMF in September but it was quite short noticed so declined. We’ve been invited to do so in October, but it is scheduled a few days after the AGM.
Rob will ask if November is possible. The directors will have a discussion on what would be an appropriate topic. Initial suggestions were about the effort/impact ratio of operating a local chapter, or discussions of how to better resource the foundation and the chapter.

Reports from events
TrekView/Bexhill OSM 360 Mapping Party Friday 25th September:

Jez was due to attend this but the event was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. The event will hopefully be rescheduled but it may be next year due to weather/light levels.