Board meeting 2017-10-12

2017, Minutes

– Adam
– Brian

– Rob (RN)
– Gregory (GM)
– Jon (JH)

Minutes from last month:
– accepted.

Matters Arising:
– No comments

Financial & Paypal Report:
– 29 members have now signed up. Funds have been triggered to transfer from PayPal to bank account.
– We could do with sending an email newsletter. And something on Loomio.
– ^ACT: Rob to send.
– The CiviCRM system will send other automatic emails.
– ^ACT: Remove PayPal from future agendas.

– ^ACT: Rob to take Gregory through CiviCRM.

– Up and running. Still some pages to do.
– All Directors have been provided access.
– Updates required: Directors Bios on website. A few other pages need fleshing out.
– Jon will keep the minutes up to date.
– JH: For “Help” page should we have a new email address and ask for volunteers to support it.
– GM: Crossover with talk-gb?
– JH: Some may not want to join a mailing list. But yes, we don’t want to duplicate it.
– GM: We also have
– RN: Flesh out the existing “Get Help” page.
– GM: Can we have a record of the number of contacts that have been received by board@ email adress?
– JM & RN: Agree but as long as it is basic statistics only.
– ^ ACT Add to standing agenda.
– JM: Do we need a “how to get a speaker to your event” section on the website?
– GM: This would align with the “Get Help” pages. May need a new email address for this.
– RN: We’d need to find out if we have community members available. Is this a working group? Should review the original set of working groups BP proposed.
– ^ ACT: RN to raise with BP as he had shown previous interest.
– RN: Can we align the Help pages with the aims of the organisation.
– JM: We can ask the community to help in this area. Would start with a skeleton before asking people to commit too much time (i.e. to make sure we are on the right track).
– ^ ACT: ?? to take forward.

Satorilab grant funding:
– Continuing to liaise on this.
– We know the bid has been received but no other news.

Case Studies:
– RN: Second case study now published.
– RN: I have worked on the PDF template. In regards to content what is the aim of the cast studies. I see it as focused on the “Use OSM” aim.
– JH: Feels like we I am unsure what the case studies are for. Can we ask the community or is it too much of an open question.
– RN: Maybe we can go back to the minutes from the 5 Whys session to see if we can find the reason for case studies.
– ^ACT: RN to dig out the initial “5 Why” minutes and to recirculate the “new format PDF”.

360 Camera:
– RN: I have asked for insurance quotes and not received any.
– JH: Given the low cost we can add a small premium to the cost of hire and build up a replacement fund.
– RN: This is not for car mounted use so de-risks it.
– JH: We can charge the user for postage in advance. Can also have a lending library book for it to allow people to extend. Standard length was 2 to 3 weeks.
– RN: I’m happy to do delivery. Will also need a couple of pages (instructions and T&Cs).
– ^ACT: RN to write up and put forward as a proposal to vote on. To include postage charges.
– We could then see what interest there is from the community via Loomio and email newsletter.

– RN spoke with Navmii. They are keen to see how they can help. Suggestion was for a meeting (online) so that we can learn more about each other.
– ^ACT: RN to ask for times that they can do over the next few weeks.
– RN has received OSM leaflets from. Will open a Loomio chat on how we can distribute these.
– ^ACT: All to review the website and rovide feedback as to how you think it is fulfilling our aims and where it can go next.