How we operate

Since its humble beginnings in the UK in 2004 the OpenStreetMap project has grown to become a global phenomenon. From the international OpenStreetMap Foundation, to local communities such as those here in the UK, OpenStreetMap is supported by numerous organisations and groups.

Despite this, until 2017, there has been no legal entity representing the needs of the OpenStreetMap community in the UK. So, welcome to OpenStreetMap United Kingdom C.I.C.

Set up as a community interest company the new OpenStreetMap UK undertakes activities which benefit the community. We have a number of aims, but to achieve these we will need your help. We are brimming with ideas and to make these a reality we are going to need both time and money. Want to volunteer your time? Great. Head over to our Loomio group and introduce yourself to the community. Able to contribute money or resources? We would love to speak with you. Contact us on for support.

OSM UK has 5 volunteer Directors who meet by teleconference once a month. We practice ‘radical openness’: projects/activities/decisions are discussed publicly in the Loomio group; votes and polls may be carried out to gauge opinion; an agenda document is shared on Google Docs; and Minutes to all our meetings are published on this web site.