Contribute to OSM

OpenStreetMap is the fully open map of the world. Anyone may edit it, and anyone may use the data. As an individual or an organisation it can sometimes be daunting to know how to start. The OSMUK organisation has been created to be an ‘official’ channel to aid anyone in the United Kingdom (including Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland) to contribute to the map.

Things that you could do:

  • Take part in a the latest quarterly project
  • Look at previous quarterly projects for ideas
  • Teach Open Data, cartography, citizen science, or another angle in the classroom or lecture theatre
  • Rent one of our mapping cameras
  • Donate data
  • Run a mapping party
  • Run a ‘Joy Diversion’ event
  • Do a talk about OSM to a local group. This does not have to be technical, it could be to a local Womens’ Institute say.